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Plazma Burst 3

We would like to show something great to all shooter lovers and fans of campaigns with a thrilling story. Here is Plazma Burst 3, an entertaining browser game that you will fall in love with. Since its advent, it has gained wide acceptance owing to its browser-friendly features. It’s already a third part of this amazing flash game. Just as before, it delivers top quality entertainment to players all around the world. The first and second version of the game turned to be a huge success! It inspired us to update the game and continue the story. Today, you can re-enter the game’s world and enjoy the pleasure of playing yet again! Plazma Burst 3 is as simple and entertaining as its prequels. It is a standard shooter game in which you control your hero by using a mouse and a keyboard.

Two game modes are available to play. First of them is a single player campaign. It offers the possibility to explore the deep world of Plazma Burst 3. Unlike other flash games, the plot within Plazma Burst 3 is an appealing story to follow and enjoy. Unexpected events may catch you off guard, so be ready for get surprised! The second mode of the game is a PVP mode. It allows exciting encounters with others players. The controls of the game might be easy, but it takes skill to master your hero and win against other people! Plazma Burst 3 game doesn’t require any advanced hardware. As a browser game, it only needs Internet connection and a mouse with a keyboard to play. You don’t have to create any accounts - you only enter a username before entering the game. No subscription or purchases so aside from the fact that it is fun-filled, this wonderful game is completely free to play!

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